Embed the pixel

Learn how to embed our conversion pixel for auto optimization.

What is a conversion pixel?

Conversion pixel is a short HTML code snippet which is used in order to optimize the traffic that is being sent to your URL.

The pixel allows our system to track successful actions made by our visitors on your website and target only the sources that work best for you.

Instructions for embedding the pixel

  1. Open 'conversions' section on any campaign page, then click the conversion pixel HTML code link there.
  2. Copy the HTML code to your clipboard.
  3. Paste the code in the Header section of your "Thank you" page
    (in the source code, between the < head > and < /head > tags) .

Example for the implementation of the HTML code in a website's source code.

What is a 'Thank you' page?

A page on your website that users can see only if they had engaged.
It is highly important to place the tracking pixel on the right page of your website in order to have effective results.

A Thank you page is the page users see on your website after

  • Registering or signing up
  • Subscribing to your service
  • Purchasing a product
  • Contacting or requesting a call back

Do not place the code on all of your website pages or on the specific URL you had submitted for traffic. If you do this, the pixel will trigger for every visitor and not only for successful engagements, causing decreased targeting of your traffic.

Congrads! you are done

You will now be able to see the amount of conversions you get for each campaign as shown in the image below:

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