We Provide Web Traffic.

Receive instant traffic to your website and enjoy the pricing and volume advantages of a large network.


For Networks
High availability supply of unbranded mainstream and adult traffic.
Option to run long term campaigns
For Admins
Test scalability and other technical aspects of your website with real visitors.
Cross platform stress testing and QA
For Marketers
Implement a wide range of marketing tactics on geo targeted traffic.
Filtering out 99% of known bots

Use this traffic your way

A few ideas on how you can take advantage of the traffic.


Re-sell as your own

Provide your clients with clean web traffic on your own terms.

Unlock new audiences

Leverage your PPC and help search engines and social networks to expand your remarketing audiences.
Works in parallel with your PPC campaigns

Increase website metrics

Push your website higher in web traffic analytics and competitive insight services.

Server stress testing

Learn how your website handles large amounts of visitors from all around the world.

Display marketing materials

Promote your product or service by receiving visitors directly to your website or landing pages.

Spark organic traffic

As your website receives large amounts of traffic over an extended period of time, it attracts attention from search engine and directories, resulting in free organic traffic.

Real human engagement

Analyze how people interact with your website, what pages they visit and how they engage.

This service is not a replacement for campaigns you are already running with Google, Facebook or other PPC networks.

Service features

Visitor Authentication

Anti-Bot & Anti-Fraud technologies filter out unwanted visitors.

Anti-Fail Protection

Traffic will stop in case your website is not up. Saving you quota and budget.
This is a unique service Traffics.io provides

Traffic delivery performance

Our traffic is scalable and supports the delivery of uninterrupted mass traffic any time.

Daily / Hourly limit

Visitors will be sent in bursts based on your configuration, creating an even distribution over time.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Traffic is delivered from several large publisher networks, all networks are ranked Top 10 in their fields and must meet our strict service requirements.

We provide non-intrusive On-Click (Pop under) marketing for the mass market.

If you were looking for an easy way to buy web traffic from a vendor that takes care of the technical side of things - this service can help you.

You can receive thousands of hits per minute to your URL from World Wide targeting. Contact us after creating a new campaign and request to remove the speed limit from your campaign. This can be done for campaign budgets of $200 or more.

You should check out our Referral Program as it may be a good solution to fund campaigns without making a direct payment.

We moderate all campaigns and make sure their content is allowed for display.
URLs with illegal content will not be approved as per our terms of use.

We make all the efforts to moderate new campaigns as soon as possible. Most campaigns are approved or rejected within up to one hour on business days.

We charge by CPV (Cost Per View), for every time your URL is visited.
Traffic is sold by lots of 1000 visits. View our pricing

No. We do not pay people to view, like or subscribe to internet content. It is a visitor's liberty to engage with any content.

It is recommended to embed our Tracking pixel on the desired pages of your website and use Google Analytics to see the live traffic flow to your website. We recommend using bit.ly (the link shortener and tracking service) if you wish to get a 3rd party verification of the amount of hits sent.

The more traffic you get, the higher the chance to reach a desired outcome.
Recommended amounts vary based on the purpose of your campaigns.

If our dashboard shows that traffic is being sent an you don't see it on your side, somemthing may be wrong. Please pause your campaign and Contact us to avoid unnecessary costs.

If there is an unreasonable discrepancy between the amount of hits we redirect and how many you see in your tracking system, contact us so we can investigate and assist to resolve the issue.

We can't guarantee conversions as it is beyond our control. Different websites require different amounts of traffic (sometimes very high CPAs) to successfully convert.

This can happen when your website (or web server) fails to keep up with the large amount of visitors flowing in. Please pause your campaign and allow your web server to boot properly (this often happens automatically). If indeed it was the reason for the crash, consider using a rate limiter for your campaign (and possibly upgrade your hardware).

In the event we do not complete an order, you can choose to have us send more traffic until the order is filled or be refunded for the unsent traffic. Amount of delivered hits will be determined by our system. You may provide tracking screenshots or logs supporting your claim, and everything will be reviewed by our technical staff.

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