Referral program policy

Referral definitions

    Referrer is the existing client of that will promote our services through a referral program. The referrer will earn commission for the new clients registered to our services.
    Referee is the person that becomes a client of services when referred to by a 3rd party existing customer.

Referrals program provides users with the ability to receive rewards for referring paying customers ("Referees") to use the platform. Referral Program rewards come in the form of balance which can be used internally in the platform in order to make traffic purchases.

  1. reserves the right to update or change its' Referrals Program terms and conditions at any give time, without prior notice.
  2. Balance received as a result of successful referrals, can only be used for internal traffic orders within the bouneries of our service.
  3. Balance received as a result of successful referrals, can not be withdrawn from the platform.
  4. Rewards are detailed in Referral Program page.

*Referrals total spend - The total amount of budget that was spent by users who were referred to our service by the account holder.

The following requirements must be met to be qualified for our referrals program rewards.

  1. The referee made an aware choice to open the referral link and was not mislead or automatically redirected to it.
  2. The referee had signed up (on only)
  3. The referee had made at least one purchase.
  4. The referee had executed and finished his traffic orders.